Training as success never comes easy

Presales 3.0: Be a Thought Leader & Trusted Advisor

In today’s world, Presales consultants need to be a lot more than product experts. Our Presales Leadership program transforms presales:

  • From being followers to becoming leaders: You will become (more) pro-active, take ownership and challenge your sales colleagues
  • From communication functions to conveying a strong vision: You will become thought leaders and trusted advisors
  • From product focused to customer centric communication: You build relationships of trust and present your solution from the point of view of customers

If you feel the changing demands of your prospects and customers and the increased pace in which products change, renew and are added to your portfolio, it is necessary to change your presales organization too. The Presales 3.0 Program of The DemoScene enables this change.

The Presales 3.0 Program consists of 3 modules. The best results are achieved when you train your entire team.

Great Demo! Workshops

Our next Public Great Demo! workshop for Europe is scheduled on February 13 & 14 2019 in Amsterdam.


Establish a framework, including skills and processes, to create and deliver improved software demonstrations to increase success in the sales and deployment of your offerings.


  • Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness, by implementing a standard process and tools for demonstrations.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for each demo.
  • Increase probability of success for demo outcomes for real-life situations.
  • Improve communication, preparation and follow-up between sales and presales.
  • Reduce the cost of sales by using demos more judiciously.
  • Increase the average deal size and/or sell additional products and services.
  • Increase existing subscription expansion and renewals.


We customise our workshops to your solutions and target audience as well as to your sales methodology and the specific demoskills you would like to improve (storytelling, remote sessions, outflanking competition, making the complicated look simple and many more).